Assistant Teachers


My Spectrum School Early Childhood Gifted Education. Our philosophy fosters the belief that each child exhibits a unique profile of different abilities, or spectrum of intelligences based on H. Gardner’s (1983, 1999) Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Harvard University Project Spectrum (1994) research. This framework provokes the understanding of each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development

Role Description

This is a part-time on-site role as Teacher Assistants Child Care in Port Washington, NY. The Teacher Assistants Child Care will assist the teacher in creating a nurturing learning environment for children, preparing activities and materials, and participating in daily classroom routines. They will also be responsible for supervising children during meal times and outdoor and play activities.



  • At least 18 years of age

  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • Ability to work collaboratively with other teachers and teacher assistants

  • Flexibility in adapting to the needs of the classroom and the students

  • Previous experience working with children is not necessary

    Enjoy working with children

Salary or Hourly Rate

$16-$20 hourly rate

Apply now:

5168838035 [email protected]