FT Maintenance/Custodian Technician




Job Description



Responsible for the all
handyman tasks of the Administration Office, Shelter Facility, Thrift Store and
respond to the needs of agency remote locations



Responsible foR the enforcement of regulations and inspections imposed by various authorities,
such as the Fire Marshall, NYS Department of Social Services, and the Suffolk
County Department of Social Services.  Be
present to assist various inspectors when they are present.

Maintain screens and window locks; ensure that fire and security doors are maintained at the
Shelter.  Check bathrooms and kitchen to
see that plumbing is operable. Check heating and air conditioning units.  Make sure filters are changed if necessary
and that the outside units are clean.

Oversee the maintenance at the Administrative Office and Shelter for the following areas:

a.       Building interior/exterior, grounds and sheds  

b.       Maintain an organized basement -clear paths in case of
emergency for exits and electrical panel.

c.       Snow removal on sidewalks, salt when necessary

d.       Staff area trash removal

e.       Bedrooms are prepared for new clients (beds/cribs
available for use)

f.       Food storage organization (shelter only)

g.       Inventory of supplies needed

h.       Make sure battery packs for emergency lighting are
functional. Replace all lighting elements in ceilings, exit lights, outdoor
security lights, and timers when needed. Clean light ceiling covers and replace
when needed. Keep a supply of electrical socket covers for the shelter, various
lighting fixtures and light covers for inspections.

Moving of donations to the proper space or building

Working with outside vendors on various projects at locations

Maintain agency vehicles

a.       Inspections are up to date, vehicle logs completed

b.       Adequate amount of gas in vehicle left at Administrative Office

c.       Report additional work needed to Office Manager

Maintain a professional relationship with clients; report any unusual events to Shelter Director.

Assist store manager in donation pickups/storing/organizing.



High school diploma or equivalent. 

General knowledge of maintenance.

Ability to lift heavy objects (50+ lbs)

Excellent organizational and communication skills.

Sensitive to issues related to battered women and children.

Valid NYS driver’s license


 The Retreat Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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