Field Crew


The field crew position is an important position at Amber Waves Farm. As a vertically integrated farm operation where we start vegetables from seed and also clean, prepare, serve, and distribute our products through our on-farm kitchen and café, retail market, and CSA, we are dependent on the farm team to grow high quality produce, and manage the harvest and movement of this produce in an efficient manner.
The field crew is the backbone of our operation, and there is much to be learned while working with this team. The field crew team will be responsible for performing field work tasks such as seeding, planting, weeding, etc., harvesting produce according to daily orders, and washing and packing farm produce. This team member should be prepared for the physically demanding nature of this work, as well as working in all types of weather conditions. The position is both fun and challenging, and a great opportunity to develop a new skill set and learn.
Ideal candidates will have a genuine interest in food/food production, possess a hard work ethic, and a desire to be part of a team. Applicants are those looking to learn and practice their basic field work skills, as well as learn to manage time and resources efficiently, familiarize themselves with vegetable and flower crops, and maintain a positive and healthy work dynamic.
Skills & Qualifications:

  • Genuine interest in agricultural production
  • Strong physical and mental work ethic, sense of pace and self-awareness, and desire to participate in daily field work as a productive member of the farm crew
  • Desire to learn and improve one’s skill set and knowledge base via hands on practice,
  • Strong organizational and time management skills anchored in successful completion of specific tasks
  • Ability and willingness to collaborate and work well with (and sometimes manage) others, including coworkers and the public

Work Schedule & Compensation:

  • Position Duration: May – October (Flexible)
  • Full-time (40-50 hours/week); 1-2 guaranteed days off/week
  • Beginning hourly rate of $15/hour
  • Start: Immediately

Apply now:

Please send us an email including your resume to [email protected]

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