INstore Merchandise Manager

INstore Manager

Creative retailer sought
for INstore, LongHouse’s gift shop, on-site and online.  Responsible for ensuring the shop is on
brand, appeals to a broad audience, and reflects the values of LongHouse
.  Working with the Trustees and Director, the INstore
Manager will develop a shop that stands apart from other museum gift shops.

  Oversee buying, pricing, in-store/online
sales; Establish financial goals
/develop a business strategy
with measurable outcomes to meet those goals; Deliver a unique visitor
experience that inspires browsing, buying, and repeat visits; Oversee marketing
strategy, emphasizing digital marketing/social media;
Identify market/sales
trends and buying opportunities; research new designers/brands; Negotiate with
vendors and consignors.

Requirements:  Passion for LongHouse mission/vision;
desire to develop a unique retail environment;
leadership skills/ability to work effectively as part of a team; Strong
service orientation; analytic ability/attention to detail;
Fluency with POS/related
retail database systems; Experience with digital marketing/social media.

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